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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Damn that was a long comic. Only glanced at it a bit.

I did just finish watching the movie again on iTunes.

Second viewing I found it a lot better than the first time. I think I was excepting a "Batman Begins" style movie with the involvement of Chris Nolan in it, and felt disappointed that the movie skimped on the dramatic content in favour of CGI heavy, camera dizzying effects.

I had given it a C my first viewing. Second viewing I'm going to upgrade to a B.

It desperately needed more time watching Clark as a nomad, and the Krypton stuff could have been cut short a bit.

The one thing I really hated was how Superman had to go destroy the other world engine while the first one is happily destroying Metropolis without anyone to stop it.

Again, like I said the last time, I think there's a great A movie in there with some better editing. I'm saddened to see there won't be a director's cut, as that is probably where the better dramatic "meat" of the story was left on the cutting room table.
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