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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I think that one two-page spread where Supes opens the kryptonite canister sums up the whole thing without needing all those other images.
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Wow, that's really obnoxious. Get rid of that shit.
There shouldn't be thread stretching pictures, especially that many.
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and the complete lack of fair use?
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He's referring to the size of the pictures.

I posted the pics with the size that I did so everyone could read the text.

I posted as many as i could so you the reader could get the full context of the situation. Then you could decide fairly if Superman was justified in killing those 3 K's. Zack Snyder has referred to Superman killing Zod in the comics in interviews and on the special features of MOS dvd. Posting only the last 2 pages where Zod exposits his plan to restore his powers and continue killing and where Superman executes them. Does not encompass everything that led Superman to the decision he made. Only posting those two images would be like "Superman killed in the comics, now get over it". I wanted to be as transparent as i could on the discussion of Superman killing.

Normally I would just state the comic issue and leave the individual to go read it themselves. However Superman #22 is not in print. It was only released as a single issue back in 1988. It has never been compiled into a rerelease volume. Many suspect because DC is ashamed of this issue. The 1986 comic "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" has Superman kill and is in print. Also the recent "Injustice" prequel comic that shows Superman killing the Joker by plunging his hand through his chest, is also in print. Both are available for sale at bookstores and amazon.
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