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Re: Trip Asking for Prime Rib

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Consuming those poor baby octupii ... full of Mercury!
Cephalopods in general have below average levels of mercury, using sea life in general as a base line. Examples of "full of mercury" would be mackerel, swordfish, shark.

Let's not be too hasty! Whales are often killed for meat ...
But prime rib doesn't come from whales. And I would contend that such hunting is currently rare, certainly in comparison with the past.

... to say nothing of the pure FUN of it!
And don't forget community pride, tradition and spirituality.

One wonders, if whales could scream, whether the practice could've endured, at all?
Hunted animals often make noise when their skin is pierced, to answer your question I doubt it would have effect the practice.

... they were shown, with a high degree of certainty, to be quite sentient in STAR TREK: The Voyage Home.
It depends on the breed of whale in question. The predatory toothed whales are apparently intelligent

But it can be pointed out that hogs and pigs also possess relatively high intelligence, about equal to a three year old Human child, and we (but not you) routinely kill and eat them.

Care for some faceless whale?

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