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Re: Star Trek 3 trailer in Star Wars Episode 7 (2015)

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The release date I saw given for Star Wars VII was December 18. Even granted that the built-in audience would be huge, isn't that a bit late for the first look at a Trek trailer? The initial theatrical trailers for the last two movies were out four weeks and two weeks sooner, respectively.
OMG a whole 14 days earlier for the last film!!!
I could probably have put that more clearly. Looking at it in terms of lead time before release date:

ST09 ->
trailer release - 15 Nov 2008
movie release - 06 May 2009
days elapsed -- 172 (~1 week short of 6 months)

trailer release - 06 Dec 2012
movie release - 17 May 2013
days elapsed -- 162 (just under 5.5 months)

Assuming, for lack of any firm date, another early/mid-May release: how much shorter would Paramount/Bad Robot want to make the period for promoting the movie? Six months out is and has for years been a fairly typical start time.

On the other hand, if Chem's hypothetical Sept-Nov 2016 target window turns out to be the one, then does attaching a trailer to a movie opening December 18 make more sense or even less?
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