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Re: The most advanced stealth tank in the world

I like the modular armor... so that dented fenders can be changed after a battle in the event the tank is not completely destroyed by enemy fire.

So when do tanks actually become obsolete? I realize not all combatants will be at the same technical level, but the PL-01 has stealth for radar and heat signature. If that sort of feature has any meaning to an enemy, surely they'll have other means of spotting the tank—perhaps seismic sensors or some kind of high tech sensor (like synthetic aperture radar from a high speed aircraft, or something on a satellite, LIDAR, whatever).

My point is that this tank is like space battles in sci-fi being conducted with 20th century-style high explosives. For example, a ship loses its force field shielding, yet the very next shot only punches a small hole in their hull, or burns the paint off. Space weapons, like a TREK photon torpedo (later established as antimatter explosives) should snuff out the entire ship in one flash. There's no worry of collateral damage in space where ships are widely separated and each shot can be gross overkill. (That is, unless you're using a weapon like the "Disruptor" from Edmond Hamilton's THE STAR KINGS.)
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