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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I've enjoyed Enemy Within lots. They've made plenty of cool changes and the new features are great. I like the fact that they rebalanced the ability trees so that there are fewer clear-cut answers. With the exception of a couple spots in the first game, I knew exactly which abilities I wanted my soldiers to have. Now, there's a lot more tough choices.

I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it or heard about it, but the new Council Mission where you go to the fishing village is a bitch... with my Mec and her flamethrower still in sickbay, Run & Gun canceling out the new Close & Personal effect, and my heavy completely whiffing on a rocket fire, my entire squad was dead in two alien turns. This current gameplay (on Classic Impossible) may never recover from this round of devastation.

Initially, I thought Meld and the self-destruct timers was a little gimmicky, but it has grown on me. Definitely adds a new dimension of challenge to the game. A guy I follow on Youtube released this video of him falling into the ultimate Meld trap from hell...

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