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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Your point (except for tedious repetition)?
The point of course is that there are criticisms to be made of the film that are neither nit-picking nor contrarian, about what's entertaining. Admitted, the refusal to accept that gets tedious.
Just because YOU were bored doesn't make it boring to everyone. There are plenty of things to criticize in the film, though not all of them universally seen as worthy of criticism. The tediousness comes from your haughty assumption that because you were bored, it should necessarily have been boring to everyone (and implying that those who were not bored are somehow inferior in their understanding of film, storytelling, and whatever else you want to pat yourself on the back for in terms of being oh so much more clever than everyone else).

Really? You got a "Hell, yeah!!" vibe from that scene? You really think that's the tone the filmmakers were attempting to create? If so, you were not watching the same film I (or anyone else in the packed cinema where I was) was. There was no celebratory tone in that moment--none.
Yes, the scene was meant for those who enjoy seeing the villain die. That's why the script clumsily saved Zod from disappearing with the others; that's why the script clumsily set Zod up for suicide; that's why the script set up a supposed dramatic choice that wasn't a choice at all, robbing the whole exercise of any genuine meaning.

So what if Superman suffers? It would make it altogether too obvious what was going on if he chuckled and quipped. But if he suffers, you get double your pleasure: Hero Kills Villain and Suffering Hero. You've let your stubborness in refusing to tolerate criticism lead you into denying that people can't enjoy suffering hero fantasies. As you said, what a load of bullocks.
First of all, you have no idea what I "tolerate", nor what I "enjoy". Second, you erroneously presume that my disagreement with YOUR criticisms means I have none of my own. Further, you also presume that any reading of the film that differs from yours is not simply that, different, but incorrect. Your presumption is what is actually incorrect.

I did not "enjoy" seeing the villain die. I considered the moment a tragic one for the hero--and I found that a refreshing character moment for Superman. The scene worked for me because it was not what I expected Superman to do, but was rather more interesting than the standard "send him back to the Phantom Zone" solution others are advocating. It reinforces the fact that, in this story, Superman is brand new--literally so--as a "superhero". He makes a number of decisions that a more experienced, mature Superman very likely would not make. That's a different take than prior film versions and adds interest to the story for me. You found it meaningless? Good for you. Doesn't mean it lacked meaning for everyone else.

This nonsense makes it a little hard to forget that Man of Steel did some things, especially Lois, very well.
I presume you mean "remember", rather than "forget". If so, I agree on this point.
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