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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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The moral dilemma is forced, the Ba'ku immensely unlikable and Picard's actions are driven mainly by wanting a piece of ass. The crew was never in any real danger and the lack of internal dissent over Picard's actions robbed the film of any real drama.
Yeah, anyone sensible would just say to the Ba'ku... hey this medical technobabble's gonna save billions of lives. You mind giving up your immortality for this? But no, can't have that without your perceived victims looking like asses(more so than they already did), or ending the movie.

T'Girl wrote: View Post

If you think about it, what is unusual in the least about the Federation doing business with the Sona?

Because the movie says they're the -bad- guys. I mean you'd never see a good guy bleeding on Picard's carpet so menacingly.

For bad guys they really were tame compared to any other villain. They made every effort to keep the Ba'ku alive until Picard's continued resistance just pissed off Ru'afo to the point where he said screw it.
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