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Re: Why I like Enterprise so much

I do not find the Enterprise NX-01 exterior to be at all realistic, either in design or execution. It looks like CG and is totally unconvincing, besides. I despise the transporter chamber's rear wall. It looks like some tie-dye mural, it's incredibly bad. Also, the beams in the back of the bridge, showing the power pulsing are truly hateful. Otherwise, the bridge, crew quarters and other rooms are OK. I really do not care for Herman Zimmerman's interior design sense, here. I do like the closeness, the tightness of a lot of the areas, as everyone has said: it does lend itself to an air of realism. But I was never wowed by the Enterprise, because I feel that it was so self-conscious, for one thing. Enterprise-D was also, to an extent, but it wisely resisted the urge to look like an ILM vehicle and just looked very classy and elegant. It had the presence, onscreen, that Enterprise NX-01 completely lacks.
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