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Re: Trip Asking for Prime Rib

Simply put, teacake, I do not eat meat. Nor am I a vegetarian, as I do not enjoy being stuck on the shitter for all hours of the day. Just because I do not eat meat, it does not necessarily follow that I would eat nothing but vegetables. I eat what everybody else would eat, I just took any meat off the plate ...

So, no, I do not eat Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers ... nothing of that nature. By the way, The fish in Fish & Chips, has become ever more benthic in nature, thanks to overfishing! You know those weird fish with all the long teeth and a glowing dangly bit over its head, from the ocean floor? <nods> That's what you'll find in there, anymore. I suspect this bit of trivia has put you off Fish & Chips, now?
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