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Re: Trip Asking for Prime Rib

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If you think about it, in the future hopefully this politically correct ridiculousness that there the slightest thing wrong with the consumption of meat will be a thing of the distant past. That such thoughts once existed will be viewed with contempt, ridicule and mockery.

Prime rib comes from an cow, a beast of the fields, and not from a "junior human being."

Let's not be too hasty! Whales are often killed for meat, amongst other things - to say nothing of the pure FUN of it! One wonders, if whales could scream, whether the practice could've endured, at all? In any case, they were shown, with a high degree of certainty, to be quite sentient in STAR TREK: The Voyage Home. Keep these things in mind!

By the way: I have forsaken eating anything with a face. I am not a Vegetarian, however, and I still rely on products from the meat industry - such as Milk and Eggs. And even Vegetarians feed on death, as Spock once so rightly put it. But when I realized that I didn't have to be a tomb for other creatures and my own survival, I found it hard to justify eating meat, at all.
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