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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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so the official CBS star trek website that says something is canon, is wrong because one individual at CBS says something that differs. gotcha. I think im understanding it now TOS trumps all, including Spocks Brain. Everything else isn't canon.

either way im looking forward to this series looks good.

The CBS Star Trek website is written by writers. Some of who work for CBS and some who don't. Thinking that it has the final word on Star Trek is a bit naive.

You don't know the CBS brand manager/head of licensing. So let me tell you a bit about him. He knows everything going on in the world of Star Trek. He coordinates the Star Trek novels, Star Trek online, the Star Trek comics, ALL of which run through him. He has been at CBS/Paramount for 15 years. The people at CBS look to HIM when anything Star Trek happens.

So you don't know who he is and you make assumptions. Well, we know what those are good for. When he says that CBS does not consider TAS canon, he speaks for CBS.

So consider some article written by an unknown author who may well have nothing to do with CBS other than getting a paycheck the final say if you wish. But that doesn't change the fact that CBS, at least those people who actually spend ANY time thinking about canon and actually care, doesn't consider TAS canon.

But as he said, each person can consider canon what it means to THEM personally. The only reason canon matters at all is because TO THE WRITERS what appears onscreen must generally be consistent (although there are many contradictions of course) with what has come before. NO ONE writing for Star Trek is ever required to to honor anything other than what is seen on screen in the live action Star Trek. No books, no comics, and no animated episodes.
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