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Re: Writing questions

^Hmm, that's very different from the way I work. I operate at the detail level from the start. I often get stuck for quite a while trying to figure out the details of one sentence or paragraph before I can move onto the next. There's a scene in The Buried Age that starts with a very technically detailed sentence from Data's POV, and it took me 20 minutes of online research and contemplation to write that single sentence (which, actually, was over 75 words long) before I could move on to the rest of the scene.

Just in general, I'm very linear in my approach. I usually have to plod through from start to finish, both on the scene level and the whole-work level, although I will go back and add or rearrange things later. Sometimes, in recent works, I've written subplots out of order as a timesaving measure -- get through the stuff I'm ready to tackle before going back to sort out the trickier parts -- but it doesn't come naturally to me. Oddly, when I was just beginning to write back in high school and college, I routinely wrote scenes out of order just as the inspiration took me, but since then I've gotten far more linear.
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