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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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It is when no one ever considers critiquing those other shows, yet continuously does nothing but rip other shows apart. That kind of venom is too specific to go unnoticed.
Since you started this exchange by criticizing one of my posts as complaining, the quote above apparently is referring to me as well. You seem to have trouble distinguishing venom from fond affection due to familiarity. The overuse of technobabble is a feature of all the shows during the Berman era. Roddenberry's Star Trek did it too, though in less technically sounding terms. Any science fiction show does it, simply by nature of the beast.

No discussion of any television show, regardless of genre, is going to be full of only praise and exhaltations. Pointing out flaws in a television show doesn't mean a person hates it.
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