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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

Where O where have the KDF players gone?
Where O where could they beeeeeeeee?

I filled the tier 1 upgrade for the Trade track in the KDF dilithium mine, so this gives us:
  • New Provisioned Requisitions
  • Equipment: (Ultra-Rare) Advanced Engineering Armor Consoles Mk X
  • Equipment: (Ultra-Rare) Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles Mk X
  • Item and Commodity Input Project Discount I (4% Discount)

As it looks like I'm at present the most active KDF player, here's my plan:

One more mine development track project will open the tier one Development upgrade, and I'll work to fill that for the warp/singularity cores.

After that, upgrade the mine itself to Tier 1. This will ensure that the House has a 4% discount on Fleet Mark, Commodity and Dilithium requirements for our holdings.

Then, finish the tier 2 upgrade for the Industrial Fabricator, and access to Advanced Fleet Space Weapons and Engines.

I'm going to ignore the Spire at least until this point. The idea is to get members of the House basic access to fleet goodies without having to rely on invites to other starbases. I definitely welcome any assistance, and also new KDF members. Fed side is clicking along nicely, but KDF is lagging with fewer people.
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