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Re: On Second Thought....

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I'm not saying Trek is being destroyed, but I am not happy with the state of quality these films bring. The Pierce Brosnan James Bond films were very popular, but plenty of fans still criticized them for being subpar compared to what came before. Just becoming another generic action franchise, and I feel it's repeating here with Trek.
I don't think that Star Trek under J.J. Abrams is becoming a generic action franchise. But they have ratcheted up the action, which makes it more in line with TOS than the later spin-offs on that count. Some people will like it, other won't. I'm not surprised as I've yet to see 100% of Star Trek fans agree on anything.

But... if it was becoming a generic action franchise, it would still be better than most of the last ten years of Berman's run. In my opinion.
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