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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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Salary Cap Hell is basically a position where a team can't do anything in free agency and the draft is never good enough to help so they have to hope to trade their expensive contracts for expiring contracts in order to have any chance to do anything.
Oh, okay. Since this is the case with most, if not all, serious contenders in the NBA -- at least over the cap and with low first or only 2nd round draft choices, I thought you might mean something else. As for the also rans that are in cap hell, most will get out of it eventually (some by "tanking") but wind up in the same position within a few years because they simply don't know that they're doing.

The thing is that being in "salary cap hell" has only just now begun to affect certain teams. The Lakers have been in "cap hell" since the day we signed Shaq and it didn't stop us from winning. In the past, if a team knew what it was doing, it didn't matter all that much. It is a problem now (for the Lakers) because the last of the stars from our last championships have gotten old and we need to do a massive overhaul.

These days, that almost has to involve the draft because the CBA has made being over the cap so much more painful than in the past and that is what happens trying to do it with free agents. Besides that, the crop of free agentes that we know will be available in 2014 is just not all that great.
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