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5) As a STAR TREK writer, you have the option of being able to quickly set up the basic situation via a quick Captain's Log entry. "Stardate 3284.4. We are responding to a distress signal from a Federation colony near the Klingon border . . . ."
I thought the editors these days preferred to avoid opening with a log entry, since it's become kind of a cliche.
Really? I've begun almost every one of my Trek books that way, at least as soon as I check in with the Enterprise crew, and nobody has ever discouraged me from doing so.

Once the book is underway, however, I use them sparingly if at all, since books don't require you to recap things after commercial breaks.

(In The Weight of Worlds, I couldn't resist including at least one log entry from Uhura, since how often do you get to do that?)
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