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Re: Major spoilers from upcoming Fall novels.

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I think Riker will wind up stepping back into the command chair. I don't see the status quo getting disrupted.
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Haha true. But for "established" characters it seems a little trickier to stick. I mean, if Trip, Data, and Janeway have all died and been "resurrected" (through various plot twists, changes, etc.), then it's a little easier to believe something like Riker being an admiral is only a short-term development. Or look at Geordi's "I'm a captain... now I'm not..." development.

To be clear, I'm not knocking on any of the decisions to bring back those characters (I haven't read Data and Janeway's resurrection tales yet, though they're in my backlog)... okay, I didn't like what they did with Trip... but *conceptually*, well... maybe I'm a little jaded at the moment?

But hey, look at what they did with DS9 itself, so what do I know?
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