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Re: On Second Thought....

The fact remains, a rather tiny minority of people are making the film an issue at all, and they all seem to be Trek fans, and on examination of their "arguments", there is a strong undercurrent of passive aggressive hate at the idea of a reboot at all.

And a stubborn insistance on not actually discussing anything, but rather taking large swipes at those movies and those who liked them. Making older Trek out to be a victim of "unintellgent masses" who can't appreciate it's "message", that it was some perfect pinnacle of story writing.

All the while ignoring the steaming pile it had become and how basically void of anything but cheesy rehashed nonsense it was. It's inevitable cancellation and need of a reboot to be viable to anyone but a tiny group of rabid "fans" who surprisingly don't seem to get very much right about the show they rewatched so much.
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