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User ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are about as useful as YouTube comments. If you're viewing a page for a movie after the movie has come out you're not part of the general audience. You're most likely a fan and that's why almost every movie on Rotten Tomatoes has a positive user rating. Even After Earth is sitting at near 40% positive with a 2.9/5 rating.

I agree that Into Darkness was well received by general audiences, but the user ratings on that site should be ignored.
So you have 230,000+ fans who enjoyed the movie then. Which, to me, gives even less credence to those fans who say Abrams and Company are ruining the franchise.
And Transformers has 4,000,000+ fans with an 85% rating. That's like 20 times better than "Into Darkness". Clearly, that proves that the Transformers franchise is not ruined at all. You're trying to use popularity (derived from a very unreliable source) to discredit arguments from people who dislike the films. That's kinda rude. Popularity is completely irrelevant unless we're talking about the films from a business or financial point of view.
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