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It IS pretty pro-nuTrek compared to other places I've posted. I was actually very surprised when I found that out here by looking at the polls with "A" scoring the most, and then the many members who posted showing great support Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, "box office success!", "they scored high on Rotten Tomatoes!". Over at CHUD, they're usually referred to as The Four Horsemen, mainly because all of their output along with nuTrek has been recognized as awful and that they tend to push aside better/talented writers out of projects because they have more power in Hollywood due to box office successes.
Rotten Tomatoes with 230,000+ people voting is a far more statistically significant sample than either the 700 people who have voted here or the 100 people who voted at the Vegas Con and likely far more than voted at (whatever that is).
User ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are about as useful as YouTube comments. If you're viewing a page for a movie after the movie has come out you're not part of the general audience. You're most likely a fan and that's why almost every movie on Rotten Tomatoes has a positive user rating. Even After Earth is sitting at near 40% positive with a 2.9/5 rating.

I agree that Into Darkness was well received by general audiences, but the user ratings on that site should be ignored.
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