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Re: On Second Thought....

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Here's the thing: I don't care what general audiences think of Trek at all, so I'm not at all offended that they like nuTrek. If they like it, fine. I'm glad they got something out of it. I don't like nuTrek. This isn't me being some sort of contrarian, it's going by my own gut, my own opinion. What most audiences think is "fun and accessible" (TRANSFORMERS) I call dumb and obnoxious, and nuTrek isn't really all that different to my eyes.
I really don't care what general audiences think either beyond needing them to buy tickets so more Star Trek is made.

But here's my point: I'm not a fan of Star Trek: First Contact. I think it betrays what TNG was in favor of an action oriented format, it ruined the Borg and gave us the ugliest Starship Enterprise ever. However, it's silly for me to try and argue that it was some kind of failure as it sold a ton of movie tickets (ensuring even more Trek) and general audiences really seem to like it as well as most Trek fans.

Nor do I think it's fair to be abusive to the creative team behind the film or imply people who like it are idiots because a Trek film didn't scratch my particular itch.
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