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Re: Who was a better counselor, Troi or Guinan?

Well, according to her, Nog has been getting therapy (talking to councillors nonstop) for the last 2 months previous to returning to DS9 without improvement... so she was smart enough to stand back while Nog sought his own form of therapy and made sure everyone else did too. (After Nog punched Jake, Sisko or someone could have easily come in and discipline him, disrupting everything). It's shows some humility on her part, content to direct the overall arc of it and not engage the patient at every turn.

It's just with Troi, I see her patients getting better DESPITE her help, not because of it. Maybe the sessions are so tedious, most just will themselves back to mental happiness. Look at Barclay, that guy is so messed up, he still needs her a decade later in Voyager. You'd think she was billing hours by that method!

I'd think Lwuxana would be a decent therapist though, if a bit blunt.
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