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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

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My boyfriend is getting a PS4 some time between it's actual release date and Christmas, via Amazon. He likes playing with new consoles, but I wouldn't have bothered myself. There is a limited release of expensive games, there will be issues to iron out, and the price of the consoles will come down too.

I guess in 12-18 months I'll see if I really feel like getting an Xbox One, as I currently have a 360. I don't like the idea of forcibly having to pay extra to have Kinect, especially as I wouldn't use it.
Just out of curiosity.. why then stay with XBox if you are forced to pay for a device you don't want and probably won't be using much?

From all acounts it seems the PS4 is more powerful graphics wise while the XOne seems to be the better media machine.

Just wanted to know your decision process.
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