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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

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Just as a point of order, it's not that the PS4 is significantly more powerful (under the hood they're largely identical), but the difference is in the Xbox One's RAM structure, which is more difficult to code for. It's basically this generation's Cell processor.
On top of what Yoda said, the Xbox One OS and Kinect are using more system resources than the PS4 OS, which is another factor. That gives the Xbox One all the features that will help them appeal to a wider audience, but the bulkier OS, slightly weaker system specs, and the eSRAM issues has led to a sizeable gap between the consoles at launch. With time, that gap will probably narrow.

But multi-platform games looking a little better on PS4 wont mean much if Xbox One has the better exclusive games, and at launch it certainly looks that way.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
The next PS game I'm interested in playing is the new Infamous game, which I don't think comes out until February. That's the earliest I will probably pick up the PS4.
Same with me, Infamous Second Son is the only next-gen exclusive that I'm tempted by so far, so I'll be waiting until at least March before I consider buying a new console. If that game gets really good reviews, and the console doesn't suffer from an unusually high hardware failure rate, I may jump on board then. Otherwise, I'll probably hold out until next year.
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