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Re: On Second Thought....

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The difference is that DS9 ended 14 years ago, and nuTrek is now the relevant incarnation of Trek.
Doesn't really make any difference. Too go to a fan message board and to complain about people being "pro" whatever subject matter its based on is beyond ludicrous.

trevanian wrote: View Post

You don't save a brain-dead patient from bleeding out by tying a tourniquet tightly around his neck. AbramsTrek is no recovery from the worst of ModernTrek/BermanTrek, it has amounted to be DumbAssTrek.
Every incarnation of the franchise has its fans and detractors. But, perhaps, if Berman Trek had not gotten more and more conservative (dull) year after year over the final decade, there would've never been a need for someone to come in and reboot the franchise.
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