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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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I am new to the community, and one of those that worked my fingers to the bone on this campaign. I wish there were a way to know just how many votes we got....
That would have been cool. Or to see a small comment in an article someplace about a 'spirited write-in campaign by fans of Babylon 5'. Oh, well.

For those not following along on Facebook or Google+, I'm asking people to give some thought to clicking on the 'Donate' button over on the Free Babylon 5 website. Despite invaluable volunteer efforts by my wonderful webmaster and the wonderful art by our own Reverend, buttons and give-aways at conventions won't pay for themselves. In addition, if we ever do press releases or have a newsletter, those cost money, too.

I know there are lots of people pulling at your wallets these days but if you can give a bit, I'd appreciate it.

PS: And don't forget that the wonderful folks at are donating $10 for each B5-20 book sold in November. Thanks!
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