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Re: Season Cliffhangers as Series Finales

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Honestly, were it not for the final scene, Bad Timing would have made a decent "conventional" finale, too.
Which is exactly why I liked the final scene. It was just like Farscape to pull the rug out from under a conventional ending and leave its audience going "Aaaaa! What the hell was that??!!!" I was actually a bit disappointed when they came back and resolved the cliffhanger.
I agree. I thought "Bad Timing" was a great ending.

Anyway, with respect to other cliffhanger endings, how about Battlestar Galactica's "The Oath"? Not a season finale, but it is a cliffhanger. At the end, Adama and Tigh go down in a blaze of glory, trying to defend the ship from mutineers.
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