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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Waiting for the postman to deliver mine


It's here, it's installed... off i go!

2nd Edit:

First impression - brilliantly awesome. As i already knew you can build the new soldier types (Biological and Mechanised Supersoldiers) early on and i already have my first MEC Trooper inside a Mech Suit with an additional Flamethrower (that thing is awesome though naturally limited in range).

Have also upgraded my first soldier with biological augmentations giving him better eyes for better aim (i have used a Sniper as that seemed the best fit for this upgrade).

First new technologies have also appeared.. Flashbang Grenades that disorient every enemy who can see them and a new type of ammo that promises more damage at the cost of reduced range (perfect for Assault classes i believe).

Last thing which i didn't know is that you can now unlock Medals which you can give out once to any soldier for a one time bonus (you can also rename the Medal prior to the ceremony).

I've also not yet encountered an old map from the Enemy Unknown game and that's very refreshing because when you have played the same map for the xth time you more or less knew where enemies would appear so you could plan along. This may happen here too but from what i heard there's quite a bit more maps than in the old game so it will take longer.

Overall the game has increased the options tenfold and i've yet to see a drawback but one can't tell from two hour play as i'm very early in the game. Looking forward to the new Anti-XCOM fraction and all the new toys and upgrades i'll unlock on the way.

Definitely a very good Add On.. if it's one of the best remains to be seen but i'm positive.
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