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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

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I went for the Wii-u after seeing the price next gen games are going to be selling at, no way i would ever spend 49 quid on a game, and that's without dlc and season pass nonsence.

It's a game, not a down payment on a morgage. lol
From what I've seen, next gen games are going to cost exactly the same as current gen games.
Well on amazon they range from £43/49, play is the same, going into my local game i laughed at the £49/54 price tag of some.

No i am quite happy to sit this next gen launch out for a few years.
Prices should be the same...
Though here in Holland sites also ad €10 to the €60 price, but that hopefully changes in a couple of weeks...
I will also wait a while before getting a PS4 when some more pure PS4/XB1 generation games are available...
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