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Re: Major spoilers from upcoming Fall novels.

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Either Titan will become Riker's flagship (AGT style... maybe they'll even bolt a third nacelle onto her ), or I think the Titan's going to become another Aventine-style cameo ship.
You mean the Aventine's everywhere cameo? I am surprised that the ship hasn't shown up in TOS land.
For the record, the starship Aventine has appeared in the following novels:

- Destiny: Gods of Night (2381)
- Destiny: Mere Mortals (2381)
- Destiny: Lost Souls (2381)
- A Singular Destiny (2381)
- Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game (2382)
- Brinkmanship (2383)
- The Fall: Revelation and Dust (2385)
- The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses (2385)

In other words, the Aventine has only appeared in a handful of novels and we've only seen a very few of her missions.
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