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Re: Did You Like Seven Of Nine?

I say yes, but it's a qualified yes.
Jeri Ryan is a very good actress. My favorite scenes with her are when she was possessed by the Doctor so she gets to play his character. She really nailed that, so we got to see her range beyond Seven.
Seven did bring a lot to the table, with her connection to the Borg, and her struggle to adapt to life outside the collective, discovering her humanity.
I agree with a lot of what has been said already. The catsuit was exploitive and sexist. If they put any guys in an outfit that tight, at least it would've been equitable.
The series did use Seven too much as a quick fix. The awkward relationship with Chakotay was awful. It should've been Janeway and Chakotay at the end.
It may be a little unfair of me, but even though I really do like Seven, I resented her a little too, since she replaced Kes. I'd have loved to have had lots more episodes with Kes and Seven, I think there was potential for an interesting sisterly relationship between them.
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