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Re: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

I want a PS4 so bad and I'm holding out hope I'll be able to get one tomorrow.

I know Knack didn't review well, but I like what I see and I'm sure my kid will too. I'm sure it'll be in the bargain bin in a few monhs, so I'll hold off for now.

I've never been too hot for Kllzone, but the Vita game in September was pretty good and the 1080p/60fps segment in looked fantastic.

While I think Ryse gives Xbox One the advantage on launch titles, I'm definitely getting the PS4 first. I know it's just a slight difference in RAM architecture, but a lot if developers who are in the know claim it makes PS4 50% more powerful.

By far, the next gen game that interest me most is inFAMOUS Second Son.... And Destiny.
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