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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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I await the hook but on a side note very intrigued by the processes behind the curtain at Marvel. They have historically had a bad time getting their fans to loyally support female led solo titles for any length longer than 12-15 issues. So why now suddenly such a push?

Black Widow
Captain Marvel

Six titles in the first part of the year + the already going all female group team X-Men.
The cynic side of me thinks a pool on which is cancelled first should be started.
You forgot my favorite title in the female-led book push-- Fearless Defenders. So upset it's ending with #12.
I didn't forget them, as I'm also buying the book. I just didn't include them cause the title will not be around as part of the '14 active female juggling act that Marvel will conduct.

I have liked FD even if I didn't love it. I continued to buy it for the hope that less active characters would show up.

I enjoyed the last Black Widow solo from 3yrs ago which only went about 8-9 issues so I'm really hoping for a solid attempt here. I'll also be getting She-Hulk and I'm waiting to decide on Elektra and Storm but I probably will.
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