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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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^ They've got 'intergalactic assholes' written all over them from virtually the first scene they appear in.

Mind you, I suppose that isn't really a reason for the Federation not to ally with them, is it? Seeing as the Federation seems to be full of intergalactic assholes itself (see any Admiral in the series, heck see the Admiral in this very movie!).
Or they could have made the Baku more likeable.

I just thought they were smug bastards and had no sympathy for them.

I just thought of the more likeable pre-Warp civilsations that Picard let perish over the years and the American Indians he moved from their spiritual home on orders from Starfleet

I don't think the Ba'ku were worth saving. Picard got a hard on for Anji, and that was that though.
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