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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Those are the only two 2009 film figures I have, though I am considering buying some sort of NuSpock (not sure which size/type) just for the sake of my Spock collection. I bought the 12" loose and it was fairly cheap.

Stores in my area kind of suck and I've never been able to find any decent ST stuff around here. I got the TNG PEZ dispenser set last year at the pharmacy in town, though.

Unrelated: since I was formerly talking about my Farscape figures, I actually had a dream that they had produced more/different figures, including Namtar and Furlow. I wish they really made a Namtar figure. I have the Aeryn figure from the "DNA Mad Scientist" episode where she's mutating and pulling up her shirt to show a little chicken wing thing on her ribs. ^_^ If was more skilled at making custom figures, I would totally attempt a Namtar.
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