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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Oh, I know, there's an agenda here.
And I'm bored.

Nerys Myk wrote:
The writers were working from a 60s view of women that includes "female urges" and a desire to find a man. So any short comings Marla has are laid at the feet of the writers, not the character. We can't rationalize that away.
I guess that's one of my strongest reasons why I don't want the writing team back. Their treatment of the female characters is just embarrassing. Sure, Uhura can speak Klingon and wants to resolve this dangerous situation in a diplomatic way, but this isn't an episode of Star Trek. This is a blockbuster action film, and when you pay for a huge set, Klingons with weapons and our characters armed with weapons, you're attempt to give Uhura a moment ends up being useless because you're writing her to fail.

But that doesn't really matter to a person like Robert Orci, who said in one of his trekmovie comments (#1147) that the one thing he did to improve this movie was "Got Uhura more into the action". All that meant was they got Uhura to use a knife and a gun. If that's all it takes to make her an awesome character, Alice from the Resident Evil movies should be considered the one of the best written characters in of our generation.
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