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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Radom guy found this post from trekmovie:<snip>
If that's a post from TrekMovie, then perhaps you could provide a link to the page on which it appears?

Thank you. I will. Here is the link:

His name is Oscar and he made this comment on post 221.

King Daniel the fact that you enjoyed all this films does not mean it will be a good thing for Trek at the box office. Just look at final frontier, Generations and Nemesis. A mixed reviewed trek film kills the film at the box office talk less of a film with very negative reviews.
I have no use for The Transformers movies (but, then I never understood the Transformers craze when they were just a cartoon and toys I thought were completely stupid), but, reviews, fan reaction, etc, certainly were no detriment for the Franchise, the movies made buckets of money and there's a 4th movie (and probably more) coming, so, that's not really a good example to use against Orci/Kurtzman without Abrams being detrimental to Star Trek.
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