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Re: Was there a seven year plan?

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If anything, the similarities are interesting only from the perspective that Deep Space Nine stole Babylon 5's thunder: that B5 had a claim on the sci-fi tv audience of the mid-90s, but Trek edged it out. I'm sure Straczynski was also annoyed that he had to share the resources of the entertainment industry with DS9: the number of people in TV who worked on sci-fi was quite small (although much of that reflected the success of TNG).
I'd say it's TNG that had the biggest claim on the SFTV audience. B5 was trying to compete with Trek's existing dominance by doing something different and fresh. But DS9 was trying to establish its own identity as more than just an appendage of TNG, so it was also trying to do something different and fresh. Since they were both reacting to TNG, it's no surprise they went in similar directions in some respects (like the obvious one of using a space station instead of a starship).

Regardless, genre shows tend to converge toward one another. On the one hand, they work through the same ideas and mimic one another in their competition with one another (keeping up with the Joneses, y'know).
Not just the same genre, but the same era, influenced by the same antecedents and cultural zeitgeist. Even without direct mimicry, there will be resonances because of how their common environment shapes them.
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