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On Second Thought....

I recently purchased STITD on DVD and watched it at home for the first time. Not that anyone really cares, but what the heck this is a Trek board, I wanted to address some of the beefs that I have seen tossed around about the film. Not trying to change anyone's opinion, just my 2 cents - (I like the movie, btw)

1) Kirk's captaincy - he's too young to be captain, he's fired, then rehired, his decision making, etc. - I don't see a big deal with this. Its mentioned numerous times that Kirk is considered extraordinary, and he did SAVE THE FEDERATION in the first film, so him being made captain is not so far fetched, especially in what is portrayed as an enlightened future. And Marcus re-promoted him because he knew his brashness fit his plans. And, as a younger then normal leader, some of his decisions may be questionable. He may be extraordinary, but he is still learning.

2) Alice Eve in her underwear - I have never seen so much consternation over what was about 1.5 seconds of screen time. What's the big deal? Movie makers hire a beautiful actress for a film, and show her off. I'm funny, I enjoy looking at scantily clad beautiful young women. Gratuitous? Yea, but its a movie trying to make money, and gratuitous scantily clad females have been a staple of Trek for some time (See TOS). And for the ladies, Pine appears without his shirt. So there.

3) Spock's scream of "KHHHAAAAANNNNN" - many seem to think he should have been pissed at Marcus, but watching the movie, it is Khan that broke his word and fired on the Enterprise, putting it in the state that led to Kirk's erstwhile demise. Based on that, Spock could definetly blame Mr. Singh for his troubles. And its an homage, I get it.

4) "Super Blood" - yea, deus ex machina, but it wasn't pulled out of the blue - the entire prolouge set up the fact that Singh's blood had special properties, so McCoy discovering that and using it tends to follow. The "super blood" line was cheesy, but it explained things without technobabble, so theres that.

There's more, but I'll leave it here. Look, if we want Trek movies, they are going to have to be films with wide appeal that make Paramount a lot of money. That means battles, explosions, and bigger than life characters. I've given up on hoping for the purely "thoughtful" Trek film, it just ain't gonna happen - although JJ and company did manage to get a comment on contemporary events in a summer blockbuster - but I think Abrams has done a good job at making some fun Trek films that I enjoyed and made a ton of money. Which insures more Trek films, and may even lead to Trek back on TV, where more "thoughtful" sci fi can take place. FWIW.

Let the flogging begin.
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