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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Dunno, do you? The terms of the settlement were sealed. Your statements about who got what versus who didn't are pure speculation.
No. Robert S. Fiveson said in an interview on the MST3K Vol. 12 that the settlement ended in a seven figure deal. Would you prefer I change what I said to "won in a settlement", because I'm not trying to deceive anyone here.

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That said, a settlement generally doesn't happen unless both parties agree to it. Hence, the word settlement.
Yeah. Both sides agreed that "The Island" was a rip off of "The Clonus Horror" and both parties agreed that the party who did the ripping off (Dreamworks) had to pay for it. If you think for a moment that Fiveson didn't win anything, go watch that interview. He is practically thanking the the fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for helping spread awareness to this fact online. And keep in mind that MST3K is a show that MOCKED "The Clonus Horror" in it's entirety. Quite the gentlemen when compared to Robert Orci, who will tell fans who didn't like his work to F off.
The info I have says that the settlement was sealed, so, evidently unlike you, I can't pretend to know what was agreed to.

I haven't seen the MST3K interview, so I can't comment on that, except what I say below.

I can cite this 2007 interview with Clonus author Bob Sullivan on The Agony Booth website [].

There's even a reply from Robert Fiveson at the end, who says he can't really say much, as you'd expect with respect to a sealed settlement.

In fact, the only person saying anything is the person who feels he's really getting the short end of the stick! Who is that? It's not Orci, et al., and nor is it DreamWorks. Nor, at least at the time of The Agony Booth interview, is it Robert Fiveson. Why, it's none other than original Clonus author Bob Sullivan himself!

So, forgive me for being skeptical that the interview on MST3K vol. 12 says exactly what you claim it does.

Why can't you just stick to the facts, which would be to say that "a settlement was reached"?

Oh, I know, there's an agenda here.
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