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Re: Star Trek: (Unnamed Project) - Crossroads

Medical Bay, Alien Ship
Position Alpha, Andromeda Galaxy

The doors parted and immediately the lighting activated, revealing dozens of bare beds. Jenna Kinsey walked down the first row, counting each bed and eyeing over the equipment connected up to it. They would need to run a full diagnostic of every monitor and life-support system, but for now she just needed to know what they had to work with. So far she’d been impressed with the large medical section (which roughly the same size as that on a Galaxy-Class starship); from the main ICU ward they had been using since arriving from the Mandela, to the four separate medlabs she’d checked out, ten surgical bays, stores and offices, and finally onto the second of two recovery wards.

After finishing her visual check of the large room, which was identical to the one next to it, she added its details to the PADD she was carrying. In all, the ship had bed space for eighty patients, from the individual surgery suites, the ten in ICU and the thirty in both recovery rooms. It was a lot of beds, especially for just for herself, three corpsmen and a medtech. They had been assigned to the alien ship to treat all the typical minor injuries might arise, nothing that needed the attention of a doctor, and whilst Kinsey had been happy with the assignment she now found herself the ranking medical officer on a ship with just over one hundred onboard—not something she had ever expected she’d be facing.

Setting her PADD on one of the beds she rested on the edge and took a moment to herself. Focus on the job at hand, she repeated to herself over and over again. It was something she had learnt since leaving the Academy. If she tried to step back and look at the big picture, then she felt swamped and it was always harder to figure out where to start, but if she jumped in and tackled the first thing in front of her, then the next thing, then the next, then she could take it bit-by-bit and do some good. So she would continue now in just the same way, whilst also keeping the other medics grounded.

“So let’s get to it,” she said to herself, her voice echoing in the large ward.

Standing straight once again, she ran her hands through her thick mane of curls (she’d learnt even longer ago, that no matter what she tried to do her hair it would always remain as tight curls and ringlets), picked up her PADD and headed out the recovery ward and back to ICU.

The facility was much as she had left it, Mrr’eth and T’Pei were checking out all the alien equipment, figuring out how it worked and that it would be compatible with Starfleet tech, whilst Iland and Berx were going through all of the supplies they had brought with them.

It was Mrr’eth who noticed her arrival first, a combination of his acute hearing and smell. He glanced over at her. “How does the rest of the facility look?” the Caitian asked.

“Extensive. I just hope we don’t have to use too much of it,” she admitted. “How’re things going here?”

Mrr’eth glanced back at the scanner he’d been examining. “Slowly. We can take educated guesses at what some of this stuff does and, in a couple of instances, have gotten them powered up to check, but without some technical support we’ll have to rely on our tricorders for the time being.”

“I’ll go and speak with engineering, see if they can spare a diagnostics specialist,” she told him. As the ranking officer, it would fall to her to be their voice with the other departments; though she knew that the engineers would be busy with key systems, she could easily argue that a fully functioning sickbay was of utmost importance to the crew.

Turning to Iland she asked, “How are we doing for supplies?”

The Rigellian tugged on her pointed ear, looking at the cases and kits they’d brought over with them only a few days ago. “We’re looking good so far; six medkits and some other key pieces of equipment to keep us going, including an osteological infuser and neuro-stimulators. The problem we could face would be our supply of drugs—the sooner we know if this ship has a pharmaceutical replicator the better position we’ll be in.”

“Start looking to see if we can stretch out our current stock, we’ll then need to restrict their use for serious emergencies only until we can find a way to produce more.”

Iland nodded. “We’ll get started once we’ve finished the full inventory.”

“No,” Kinsey stated, which stopped all four of them. “Once you’ve finished with your current tasks, I want you all to find a bunk and get some rest—none of us have slept in over a day, so I want you all rested.”

“What about you?” asked Mrr’eth, giving his closest approximation of a scowl.

“I’ll take a break once you’re back, in the meantime though I have to go and harass some engineers.”

“Nurse,” he began, but she shut him down with a look.

“I know what you’re going to say, believe me I will take a break when I can—but only after I make sure you’ll have an engineer to work with on all this.”

He gave her a toothy smirk. “I feel sorry for Lieutenant Ra-Vahneii.”

She chuckled before gesturing to the scanner. “I’ll give you a hand with that first, then go and make a nuisance of myself.”

* * * * *
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