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PS4 and Xbox One Launch Thread

The PS4 launches at midnight in North America, the Xbox One launches worldwide (kinda) next Friday, and the PS4 launches in Europe the following Friday. I thought it would be a good idea to have a single thread discussing the news and reviews of the consoles as the next generation of gaming gets fully underway.

Five months after dominating the show at E3, the PS4 has been getting some mixed reviews. The hardware itself is reviewing pretty well, but the two AAA exclusive launch titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, have received a disappointing critical reception. For a console that was billed as being all about the games, the lack of a killer exclusive at launch is a let-down. But the console UI is said to be fairly solid, even if it's somewhat unexciting, and the controller is being praised as one of the best around. Everything so far suggests that the PS4 is significantly more powerful than the Xbox One, with multi-platform games on PS4 typically displaying in higher resolutions, but the PS4 lacks many of the nice UI features of the Xbox One.

There have been some reports of hardware failures already, but given the thousands already out in the wild such things are to be expected. No need to panic about that yet.

There's going to be a launch event tonight where Sony is due to reveal some new upcoming games, so that will give some idea about what to expect game-wise in the coming months.

So, is anyone planning to get a console at launch?
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