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Re: Did the Tribbles actually die out by the 24th Century?

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Cyrano Jones was selling them across the galaxy...
Which is odd, because you'd assume that something that was so easily reproduced would hold little or no value.
The tribbles could be similar to the Budgerigar (what most people call a Parakeet). Budgerigars (aka Budgies, parakeets) are a small parrot native to the grasslands of Australia. When conditions are good they reproduce quickly and in vast numbers. They are very social animals and the vast numbers protects the flock from predators. When conditions are bad the stop reproducing. This quick reproduction cycle makes them an easy animal for domestic breeding (where conditions are controlled).

Actually, the Budgerigar may be commonly known as a parakeet, but it is only one type of parakeet. There are many different types and they are all parrots. I did the research on them before purchasing the lovely blue one currently chirping away happily on my shoulder.

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