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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Nerys Myk wrote:
So yes to brown face and a Spanish accent for character who's supposed to be a Sikh and an Indian?
It's decades later, and I'm assuming they could have found an actor who would have actually been Indian (or at least a very close visual match).
That would be my choice, but on the other hand I wouldn't want to telegraph: HEY EVERYBODY IT'S KHAN!!!! So casting a non Indian makes some sense.
Given the abundant spoilers available, I would be surprised if the audience didn't already know, or at least suspect. Therefore, why not cast an Indian actor?

Not really, since author's intent is she's an "expert". The writers obviously aren't, though.
The writers told us she's an expert. Beyond her initial attempt to coax Khan into talking about the 20th century, I wasn't convinced she was anything but a semi-talented painter who was far too emotionally invested to even begin to be objective (real historians do need to be objective and follow the facts, not their personal biases).

I can't imagine that the entire Sikh population and knowledge of them would be wiped out in the Eugenics Wars.
It doesn't have to be 100% loss; just enough information to give future historians an incomplete or incorrect conclusion would be sufficient for Marla to make a mistake.

The first two books were fanwankery to the extreme. The third book was excellent.
The first two books make it plain that Khan was born in India, to an Indian mother
I don't recall saying they didn't. As I said, I've read the books. Any book that includes every ST character mentioned to be alive in the 20th or early 21st Century as well as appearances by Hadji and Jamie Sommers is pretty much the definition of fanwank.
I won't argue that at the end of Khan's reign, just about everything was thrown in, including the kitchen sink. But I found it fun to see how it could all be tied together somehow.
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