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Re: Did the Tribbles actually die out by the 24th Century?

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Come to think of it: Would there not have been some kind of indigenous predator on the Tribbles' homeworld?
Of course there would have been. Unless a wild animal would be affected by the tribbles' trilling sounds, the tribble wouldn't stand a chance against becoming lunch. That's why they bred so prolifically - evolution at work.
Of course? Then there would have been no need for that line / premise from the TAS Episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles":

KOLOTH: Kirk, Cyrano Jones took a Klingon genetic construct, an artificial creature [the glommer] from one of our planets. We must have it back. It was designed to be a tribble predator. We are prepared to go to war if we have to.

In the context of the bigger TOS universe (including TAS) the Tribbles had no natural enemies (or did they ate their indigenous predators, too).
Unless the indigenous predators equally made that purring sound (to attract Tribbles) and therefore the Klingons just never could get close enough to capture one of these...

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