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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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The way the engineering set was built though, there would NEVER have been sufficient room to align it to Probert's original cutaway - even without the "long corridor" painted backdrop, the short corridor would still poke out of the front of the ship.
If there were a viewscreen it would already include the short corridor. But I realize that the shaft for any turbo lift would remain a major riddle to solve (even in blssdwlf's alternate proposal, the turboshaft would still run through the blue corridor, I'm afraid).

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TANNOY VOICE: Cargo bay to launch crew. Travel pod is now available at dock six. (?!?!?)
A similarly timed arrival on the opposite side of the ship, maybe?
This brings back memories of a discussion I had many years ago with Shane Johnson.

Obviously, the docking port behind the bridge is DP 3.

I'd assume that we do not have the interior volume to have two parallel torpedo bays but only one, thus the numbers there indicate the docking port "at the torpedo bay", i.e. torpedo bay [docking port] 1 (starboard) and 2 (port).

With the one on the port side of the engineering hull being DP 5 (TMP), I believe the one on the starboard side would be DP 4.

This would probably leave DP 6 to be one of the airlock and docking ports at the saucer's underside. Of course, it couldn't dock anything bigger than a travel pod.

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