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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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The major reason for displacing the intermix shaft towards the stern is obviously the blue corridor apparently near the bow in TMP (Andrew Probert hated it because it contradicted the cross-section drawing he did and which Kimble used for the cutaway poster).
Yes, I realised that, but it's not really a problem as the Rec Deck has plenty of space to slot in under the cargo bay.
The way the engineering set was built though, there would NEVER have been sufficient room to align it to Probert's original cutaway - even without the "long corridor" painted backdrop, the short corridor would still poke out of the front of the ship.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
The exterior number "5" indicates Docking Port 5 and that's the number we see overhead in the interior in TMP. However, I find myself unable to explain this:

TANNOY VOICE: Cargo bay to launch crew. Travel pod is now available at dock six. (?!?!?)
A similarly timed arrival on the opposite side of the ship, maybe?
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