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Re: Was there a seven year plan?

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The only reason anyone thought DS9 and B5 were similar is because nobody else had ever really done a space-station show before.
Well, there's that, there's the fact that both stations have a single digit number at the end of their names ...
At least with B5 we found out (in one case in great detail) what happen to Babylon One through Four. I can't remember any mention of Deep Space One through Eight.

Why did Starfleet rename it "Deep Space Nine?"

Deep Space 3 was the base the USS Hera, Geordi's mom's ship left before it was lost.

Deep Space 4 had computer records of the Hansens before they left for Borg Space

Deep Space 5 was a Federation base that the Cardassians were spying on in Parallels.

Deep Space 7 was cited as the destination of a civilian ship in Inheritance.

Before I take credit, memory alpha's a great tool, though I did remember the DS5 one off hand.
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